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Catching ZZZ’s on a DreamCloud

Imagine for a moment, you just bought your new home. You’re excited, and begin spending your day unpacking the many boxes you have.  As the day comes to an end, you’re pleased with the progress you’ve made with unpacking.  However, you’re feeling sticky, tired, and just want to take a shower and get some sleep, before you have to repeat this routine the next day.  As you exit your new bathroom, feeling clean and refresh, you realize you still haven’t placed the sheets on your bed yet. As you stare at your bed, you realize, if there’s any time to get a new bed it’s now. Now you have another item to add to your “To Do” list for the next day. Sound familiar? Experienced this before, or about to experience this? We know the feeling and have experienced the above. So let’s help you with a recommendation for a product that can help you catch your Zz’s 😴in your new home!


Start Dreaming

The age of the hybrid bed is here. We’ve all seen the commercials promoting such beds.  Beds that allow you to elevate according to your preference.  Beds that memorize.  Beds with apps (Upcoming post!).   There is one bed out there that is luxurious, supportive, yet affordable.  It’s called DreamCloud.   It’s a hybrid.  A hybrid mattress combines the traditional innerspring coil system with memory foam (or comfort layer made of latex). A hybrid gives its sleeper support and contouring comfort. Another advantage hybrids offer is motion isolation. What does this mean? When someone gets up from your bed, you can continue sleeping because their motion is isolated from their movements only. Sounds like the perfect bed, right? Well before you go out and purchase one, let’s take a closer look at this dreamy bed.

Construction of a Dream

The typical hybrid mattress will contain multiple layers. These layers consist of the following:

  • Base Foam Layer
  • Core Coil Support
  • Comfort Layer
  • Pillow Top or Euro Top Layer (Optional)

With Dreamcloud there is actually 7 layers, totaling a whopping 15″.   That’s right 7 (See the image below), not 4!  It has an above average height of 15″ and can work with a variety of frames, simply flat on the floor.  The top layer is covered in a breathable cashmere cover providing an added protection against bed bugs.

But you may wonder with all this layer construction how does it feel, and support? As it expected it’s soft-to-firm scale ranges to a 6 (based on 10pt scale).  Which means it leans more to the firmer side, but not by much. This is great for stomach sleepers as this mattress supports their spine in a neutral alignment. For back sleepers, the innerspring technology in this mattress provides relief of pressure in their lumbar spine. Oh, we didn’t forget to include you side sleepers! The mattress foam provides pressure relief in your shoulders, hips, and knees. However, this mattress does more. If you find yourself a heavier type individual, this mattress’ technology is accommodating with your weight and provides support for a neutral spine position.

(Pressure Map – DreamCloud)

The DreamCloud does an excellent job of supporting all sleeper types so you can have a peaceful night’s.😴 after a long day of unpacking.  Are you getting sleepy yet? If not, good! because there is one more product feature that surpasses the others.

365 Dreams

One of the best service items DreamCloud offers a new customer is a 365-Night Trial Period. That’s right 365-Night Trial. The manufacturer is so confident in their product and that you’ll fall in ❤ with it, you won’t return it in a year. If you have the opposite response to their expectations, it’s nice to know within a 1 year period you can return it, and get a full refund!

Doesn’t this sound like a bed for you after unpacking in your new home?  There’s only one question. Is this bed for you?  Of course, the obvious response is yes, however, this mattress also specializes for back & stomach sleepers, those who want a luxury feel for a good price, and for couples. So where and how do get one?  With just with one click ⤵

🎆Get $200 Off DreamCloud Luxury Mattress🎆

(Hurry!! Offer only valid until the 4th of July 2018)

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