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Falling in Love…With a Home

What makes you fall in 💗 with something or someone? Is it a particular feature, expression or is it series of positive attributes, or is it the fairy tale, love at first sight? Could it simply be he\she or it just has “it”? Whatever it may be we all have specific attributes the individual or something must have for us to fall in love with them or it. The same applies to home buyers. If you are planning on selling your home, you may want to know what makes home buyers fall in love with a home. Although just like anything related to falling in love, there is no perfect love potion to make someone to fall in love, we’re going to do our best to play matchmaker. Let’s begin with some profile information about your home’s potential suitors.

The Profile

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, homes built in 2012 and onward were larger and more expensive. However, this goes against the mindset of our energy-conscious homebuyers. Today’s homebuyers in many instances will inquire about energy cost, and possible home improvements to comply with being energy conscious. To support this, the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) discovered energy costs were the most wanted characteristic by homebuyers. What’s the driving force behind this want? Cost savings. Yes, today’s homebuyers are concerned about the environment,  but it comes down to cost. Utility costs strongly influence a homebuyer’s decision.  Its so important, in this study the average home buyer was willing to pay $7k+ more for a home if it saved them $1k+ annually in utilities. This, however, isn’t the only want today’s homebuyer wants, they also want this. Believe or not…

Storage! and more storage! Yes, believe it or not, its storage. Today’s home buyers want a single, unified living space. They don’t want to pay a pricey mortgage and then a monthly storage fee.   Today’s homebuyers search for a decent size laundry room, roomy bathroom linen closets, and a walk-in kitchen pantry. Interesting enough over half-of-the folks surveyed by NAHB expressed they wouldn’t purchase a home if it didn’t have enough storage space to help with organizing. Another storage space homebuyers look for: the garage. Ideally, today’s homebuyers have minimal issues paying for a 3-car garage so they can use the extra space for storage.

Another want from today’s homebuyers is the home reflects a casual lifestyle. What does this mean? Its all about the kitchen. With so many cooking shows, today’s homebuyers like to cook and entertain. So open floor plans for the kitchen and dining area a big plus. In the end, today’s homebuyer loves 3 areas open and connected: Kitchen>Dining Area>Living room.

Now that you have some profile information regarding your home’s potential suitor, let’s move one with what helps make them fall in love with your home, and what doesn’t.

Turn-Ons 😍

  • Smart Home Features Nest and Ring are wildly popular.
  • Energy Star-rated Appliances
  • Energy Star-Related Windows
  • Energy Star-Rating for whole home
  • Laundry Room + Storage
  • Garage Storage
  • Exhaust fan in Bathroom
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Bathroom Linen Closet + Storage
  • Kitchen Space
  • Kitchen & Dining open floor plan
  • Walk-in Kitchen Pantry
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Game Room
  • His & Her Baths

Turn-Offs 😠

  • BIG Yard: This equates to higher maintenance cost. Families may appreciate the yard space, but too big means time & cost consuming maintenance.
  • Trashy Landscaping: If you haven’t maintained your yard recently it’s advised you modify this quickly. It’s part of the curb appeal which is one of the first things a homebuyer sees.
  • Emphatic Colors: You may like purple or red in your rooms, but your home’s suitor doesn’t. Warm, neutral colors are more their “turn-ons.”
  • Dated Ceilings: Dated homes tend to have “popcorn-finished” ceilings. If you have this we’re not telling you to scrape down that ceiling, but find ways to have the room not appear dated, and also consider testing it for asbestos.
  • Dated Faucet Handles: Consider replacing those acrylic knobs in your bathroom. Faucet handles, showerheads play an integral part of bathroom finishes. Homebuyers like to view the master bathroom as their personal spa.
  • Carpeting & More Carpeting: Hardwood floors are in.  Especially in the 🚽 Bathroom. If you have wall-2-wall carpeting in every room, you may want to consider modifying a room or two.
  • Live Animals: Don’t take this personal, folks may be pet-friendly, but what concerns them is everyone has their own version of pet hygiene 😉 Fabreez may be helpful.
  • Offensive artwork: You may be a fan of nude art or some past celebrity heartthrob, but today’s home buyer not so much. De-clutter and consider putting away until you can re-hang in all its glory in your new home.

We all know getting someone to fall in love is no easy task, but its even harder when its a homebuyer. Hopefully, the above list will be of help to assist you in setting your home up for better dates with homebuyers. If you would like help to matchmake your home with a homebuyer, contact me or give me a call directly at 818.259.0060 so I can get your home some dates and find its next love!😊

Learn more about what is visualizing appealing to homebuyers.

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