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The Daily Harvest

We all enjoy eating out, but with health being our primary focus, finding healthy eateries at times can be difficult to find.   Of course when we do eat out healthy, we want it to be actually healthy and tasty.    Let us introduce you to The Daily Harvest!  This healthy, and tranquil eatery uses food provisioned by organic, local farms.   Their healthy food doesn’t translate to the typical “wasted” salad consisting of just carrot peels and broccoli stalks.   The Daily Harvest makes a concerted effort to deliver flavorful dishes, but are truly organic.   Along with enjoying their organic dishes, they serve cold-pressed juices.   Always thinking about the full organic experience, they also provide juice cleanses.  However, The Daily Harvest doesn’t stop there.   Part of giving back to the Santa Clarita community they offer workshops to help educate the community about organic lifestyles.

If you’re new to Santa Clarita, and also skeptical about healthy eateries because the food at times can be without flavor, or isn’t as healthy as they sell themselves, you’re not alone.   The Daily Harvest is a true exception.   If you doubt us, we encourage you to check out their Yelp page reviews! To learn more about what the The Daily Harvest menu, and their cold-pressed juices check out their website, and Facebook page.

Daily Harvest Daily Harvest




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