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Every community has its own lifestyle, and it is no different in Santa Clarita.  New to Santa Clarita?  Well this page that will provide you a glimpse into what Santa Claritans do, and where they go: from fine dining to various outdoor activities!  If you live in Santa Clarita and would like to welcome your new neighbors here, be my guest!  Just contact me, so we can welcome our new Santa Clarita neighbors together!


You Got Junk!

Okay, so your moving truck doesn’t resemble the picture above! or does it?😁 You know you have junk, or items that clutter a storage room, garage, outdoor shed, or any other room. Don’t feel bad we’re all guilty of this, but now you’ve purchased your new home and it’s time get uncluttered. We know packing […]

City of Santa Clarita


Among 88 cities in Los Angeles County, Santa Clarita ranked #5 in total assessed value, according to the 2017 Annual Report released by Jeffrey Prang, County Assessor. The value includes personal & business property. Inside the Number Santa Clarita’s total taxable property is $30.7B, which is 7.1% increase.  Of course, the city of L.A. tops the list […]

Santa Clarita Safest City

A Safe City in CA

Looking for a safe community to live and raise a family, or simply just live in? According to the National Council for Home Security 2018 report, Santa Clarita is among the Top 50 safest cities in California.  Santa Clarita ranked #48. As California cities grow rapidly due to economic expansion a byproduct of such growth can […]

Pool Safety Tips

As the weekend approaches, and summer moves forward with its ever increasing hot temperatures, its sounds like a good idea to enjoy a swimming pool! Whether it’s a pool located within your housing community or at your home, we just want to take a moment to remind you about some pool safety tips.  As much […]

Castaic Lake, Santa Clarita, CA - Hiking

Take a Hike!

If you’re new to the Santa Clarita Valley (SCV), or a residing SCV outdoor enthusiast you’re going to want to explore some of the 100+ miles of natural hiking beauty surrounding Santa Clarita Valley. All trails are well maintained, and many of them offer incredible views. Here are 3 hiking parks\trails that are a must […]

Newhall Refinery

Refined Libations

With the proliferation of gastropubs, it’s becoming more evident this industry is slowly heading toward a “jump the shark” moment. Menus, pricing, and quality mirroring each other. When someone suggests a gastropub among friends, an immediate response is given, simply because for the most part gastropubs are cloned.  Fortunately, there is a gastropub that sparks […]

Daily Harvest

The Daily Harvest

We all enjoy eating out, but with health being our primary focus, finding healthy eateries at times can be difficult to find.   Of course when we do eat out healthy, we want it to be actually healthy and tasty.    Let us introduce you to The Daily Harvest!  This healthy, and tranquil eatery uses […]

Honu Coffee

Mmm…Cold Brew

Who doesn’t like coffee? We’re talking good, boutique-cafe’ style coffee.   If you are new to the Santa Clarita area, allow us to introduce you to boutique-cafe’ style coffee shop in Downtown Newhall.    We all enjoy of course our Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and Peet’s coffee, but we also know there’s something special about that […]

Brave New World Comics

Find Your Inner Big Bang Theory

If you’re a fan of the Big Bang theory, then you know how much Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Rajesh love their comic books!  If you have the same intense interest in comics as the Big Bang Theory gang does (or just like to go along for the ride like Penny), then you’ll be pleased to […]

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