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Refined Libations

With the proliferation of gastropubs, it’s becoming more evident this industry is slowly heading toward a “jump the shark” moment. Menus, pricing, and quality mirroring each other. When someone suggests a gastropub among friends, an immediate response is given, simply because for the most part gastropubs are cloned.  Fortunately, there is a gastropub that sparks a different reaction among many folks here in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Though this establishment does possess some of the standard gastropub characteristics, which will comfort those who are fans of gastropubs, it separates itself from others with other significant attributes.

Let’s begin with the obvious, the beer selection. It’s not populated with fad craft brews but possesses nearly 2 dozen artisanal draught beers and over 30 specialty bottle choices. Their list continually changes, especially as the seasons change.  Recently, they added a handcrafted cocktail menu.  If these libations are not necessarily for you, but you’re still interested in visiting this establishment, wine is also served.  Now you may say this is like any other gastropub, right? Uh, the separation is only beginning.

This place is proud to be a farm-to-table gastropub. Committed to providing natural sustainable food products not only producing the best possible flavor, but no antibiotics, nor added hormones. Yes, this includes their meats! Poultry is organic, free-range, and includes a 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating. Yes, a gastropub that is health and environmentally conscious without sacrificing the flavors we all enjoy. Of course, if your palate is craving a sinful dish, then you’ll have to try their Refiner Fries.   We’ll leave it there.    Yet this gastropub doesn’t stop here with its separation.

Have you been to a gastropub, and no matter the effort to be refined it still conveys a “dudes” place? Not here. This establishment was custom built with oak, knotty alder wood, and lighted with Edison Style lightbulbs. The ambiance makes it inviting to relax with a significant other, and\or close friends, trying various beers, while dining from an impressive menu.   Yet there is one more defining attribute.

The service here is top notch. Gastropubs can be welcoming, but at times can transmit an aura of beer snobbery.   You know the, “I only drink real craft brew” air.   Not here.  Folks here make a concerted effort to find out what is favorable to your palette while being patient, and offering the best possible tasting beer for you.   They will help you find something you truly like.  No matter how many times you shake your head from left-to-right.  They are extremely knowledgeable about their beer and communicate this,  but they conduct it with sophistication, without being pretentious.

It’s no wonder this establishment receives so many positive responses.   This wonderful place is located in Downtown Newhall, called the:  Newhall Refinery.    If you still need a tad bit more convincing then it’s encouraged to see their Yelp page.   If you want at times want some beer education you can also check out their Facebook posts.

As Plato once said, “He was a wise man who invented beer.”  So were the people who invented the Newhall Refinery.

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