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SMARTest Home On The Block

We’re reminded on a nearly daily basis about being smarter.   Smarter at work, school, with time management, various subject matters, and most importantly life.   But did you know that being smarter doesn’t just apply to you as a person, but also applies to your home?  Yep, you heard correctly.  So that begs the question, is your home the SMARTest on the block? 🤔

Lifestyle media company Scripps Networks Interactive, in partnership with Consumer Technology AssociationNational Kitchen & Bath Association, and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) surveyed and researched U.S. homeowners of all generation types regarding smart home technologies and reasons why they’re adopting it at a rapid pace. If you are considering selling your home and your home requires some upgrades, it’s a good idea to review the following.  


Believe it or not, the homeowner ego wasn’t the primary reason for adopting smart home technologies. There are other primary driving factors:

  • 75% of those surveyed attributed their primary reason for upgrading their homes with SMART technology is to provide their family safety, convenience, efficiency, and value.   
  • 68% of respondents cited energy efficiency as their primary driving factor for adopting SMART home technology.   It’s about saving 💰!  
  • Not a necessarily a surprise Millennials want their home to possess convenience when it comes to a home’s daily tasks (i.e. temperature control, etc.)
  • Generation Xers want a “healthier environment” for their family and guests. 
  • Baby Boomers want the added home value smart home technology brings. 

Sweet Spot

This study showed 2 sweet spots in a home that overwhelmingly homeowners agreed where SMART technology needs to reside: kitchen and front-door\entryway. The respondents listed SMART refrigerators, app-enabled appliances, and motion sensor lighting as the Top 3 tech-friendly products wanted.     

Generations & SMART Homes

Millennials and Generation Xers are the most likely to upgrade their homes with SMART home technologies and require them when buying a home.  

  • 85% of Millennials will add smart home technology within a year to their home. 
  • 73% of Generation Xers will add smart home technology, with 38% completing this within the next year. 
  • 28% of Baby Boomers will add smart home technology within the next year. 

As you see SMART homes are the rave and the adoption of home technologies is going to constantly grow as the technology advances. So if you are selling your home, and considering upgrades prior to selling, a worthwhile investment would be smart home technologies. 

If you want to know about SMART homes in Santa Clarita don’t hesitate to contact me!😊 

Smart Home Research Insights

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