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Cost of Being A Virgin

Now, what were you thinking? 😎 😋  Well, if you were thinking of a first-timer who falls in love with their first new home, and wonder what will it cost you,  then you came to the right place. 👍 😊   If you weren’t thinking this, well we can’t help you. ☹ What makes a virgin homebuyer? Who is a […]

Tips for 1st Time Homebuyers

10 Tip$ for 1st Timer$

Currently,  the front door is wide open for first-time homebuyers! As rents rise faster than incomes, millennials are now entering the market, and on a buying spree.   Since purchasing a home is a significant, life-impacting investment we outlined 10 money saving tips for 1st-time homebuyers below. You are more than welcome to share these tips with […]

Tips for Open House

Tips 4 Your Open House Visit

With an increase of open houses during this spring season, buyers are ready to go with their list of open houses they want to visit.  Perhaps you are one of these hungry buyers. Your list of homes probably comprises of your favorite homes you’ve viewed online. You have the number of bedrooms and bathrooms confirmed, […]

Fake Real Estate!

Yes, even in the era of the frequently used phrase, “Fake News,” there is such a real thing as “Fake Real Estate.” With well over 90% of real estate consumers using online services to help with their real estate needs ranging from home buying to loan modifications, nefarious characters are ever increasing their real estate […]

Pool Safety Tips

As the weekend approaches, and summer moves forward with its ever increasing hot temperatures, its sounds like a good idea to enjoy a swimming pool! Whether it’s a pool located within your housing community or at your home, we just want to take a moment to remind you about some pool safety tips.  As much […]

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1st-Time Homebuyer Tips

If you’re a first-time homebuyer you may feel overwhelmed with information related to your first home purchase.   It can be a stressful time, and to compound this, you are constantly reminding yourself not to make a hasty, or worse, a mistaken decision.    To help ease your mind a bit, below are several tips […]

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