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Top Trends in Smart Homes

As technology impacts various facets of our life at such a rapid pace, it’s not a surprise it’s becoming more a necessity to manage our homes.   It’s no longer a “nice-to-have,” or a special home feature. An example of this with Nest, and Apple’s Home Kit. All within reach of our smartphone, via an app a homeowner can request specific functions to occur within their home. Home buyers are beginning to make smart home technologies a requirement when viewing and purchasing a home. New development homes are nearly required to have such technologies built-in.  So what are these smart home technologies?  What are the top indoor\outdoor trends for smart homes?


  1. Voice Control. Recall those infomercials of “clap-on, clap-off”?  Now you can walk into a home, and just say, “Kitchen lights on,” and your kitchen is lit.  NEST, Sonos, and Lutron are making such technology available. All that is required of you is to utter a few demands to control your home.
  2. Touchpanels. A great tool for managing a home’s smart devices are iPads. However, iPads can be misplaced, lost, stolen, or damaged.   Touchpanels eliminate iPad risks. Touchpanels in homes are now bigger, with full-color screens. An added advantage to touchpanels is they provide a single view of all your home information.
  3. Indoor Air Quality. Families are becoming more conscious of their indoor air quality for their children. Parents want sensors monitoring volatile organic compounds (VOC), humidity, and allergens. Foobot is a product informing you 24/7 with either a blue or orange light on how your home air quality is.
  4. Motorized Window Treatments. No more breaking shades. After constant tugging, and pulling shades break.   Hi-tech shading solutions are becoming a norm. All you have to do is lower the shades with a click of a button. You can also schedule, via the app when to raise or lower based on time of day, or via solar sensors.
  5. Outdoor Television. If you enjoy entertaining people, or simply just like to watch a movie romantically nothing is better than an outdoor television. Televisions are becoming more popular in people’s backyards. Smart outdoor TVs are becoming stronger to withstand weather conditions. A few to mention who are seizing this market are SunBrite, SkyVue, and Mirage Vision TV.
  6. Outdoor Water Conservation. As Californians were very aware of being water conscious. Yet, as homeowners we want our lawns to be green, and our gardens to flourish.  Rachio and Edyn are among the best smart apps helping homeowners with water conservation, yet reaping the rewards of a green lawn, and a sprouting, colorful garden.
  7. Security, Security, Security. It’s the most important requirement for a home or at least one of the most important. We all want to feel safe in our home, and also protect ourselves, our loved ones, and assets from potential harm. VivintCanary, and Piper nv (completely wireless) are some of the best smart security technologies a homeowner can own and control from an app.
  8. Total Home Integration. Hello, Apple HomeKit! With so much access to multiple smart home products, homeowners want a single “home” to manage their technologies.  Apple HomeKit is dedicated to providing demanding homeowners with a complete, seamless integration with their smart home technologies. HomeKit support ranges from lighting, smart locks, to outlets, just to name a few.  Expect to see similar one-stop products to flourish in 2017.

If you want to know if there are any smart homes available, or being newly developed in the Santa Clarita Valley, feel free to contact me.

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