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Okay, so your moving truck doesn’t resemble the picture above! or does it?😁 You know you have junk, or items that clutter a storage room, garage, outdoor shed, or any other room. Don’t feel bad we’re all guilty of this, but now you’ve purchased your new home and it’s time get uncluttered. We know packing can be stressful what to pack, what to discard, and the items you don’t use but have an emotional attachment too. Well, we have some helpful tips for making your packing decisions, and if you still want to keep your “clutter” we have a solution for this too! So let’s begin unpacking this information.

To Be A Minimalist or Not?

One of the objectives you want to accomplish with your packing is determining what do you want to do with your new home? If you want to purchase new furniture or have new decor for your new master bedroom\bathroom, etc. Once you’ve made this decision, then it’s best to take more of a minimalist approach. Keep in mind, the more stuff you pack, the more time you’ll spend unpacking. Wouldn’t you like to move quickly with unpacking and onto your new furniture and decorating ideas? Of course, it’s understandable you may want to keep some of those items causing clutter in your existing home because of their emotional attachment. We get it. Let’s help you with these tough decisions awaiting you when it concerns your clutter.

Packing Tips

Over a period of time, you’ve collected some items in your home possessing memories and a reflection of who you are, and what you ❤.   At times deciding on what to keep, what to store, or what to discard can be difficult. However, some of these items do cause clutter (i.e. old clothes, books, etc. ) So how do you begin separating what to keep or not?

  1. Begin with taking care of packing the practical items or otherwise known, the necessities first. As you pack the necessities, work on limiting the number of duplicate items. For example, with kitchen utensils, how many spatulas, slotted\solid spoons do you truly need? You may want to just take 1 or 2, & the pack the rest for storage, or discard.
  2. As your packing decide what will clutter your new home. For example, you may now have a walk-in closet you always wanted, but some of the clothes you are considering packing are items you haven’t worn for over a year? Could it be the last time you wore those “favorite” jeans was perhaps longer than a year? 🤔 A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it over a year, then it’s best probably to donate it or set aside for storage.
  3. Don’t pack items due to feeling obligated or guilty of keeping.   Maybe there’s a bathroom wall ornament you’ve kept because it reminded you of something, but you don’t necessarily like it?   Consider donating it, giving it away to a friend who may truly like it.
  4.  When it comes to your “valuable” junk (i.e. old furniture, extra mattress, bed frames, etc.) you may want to consider selling it or perhaps it’s time to put it in storage.
  5. Force the tough decisions with the remaining items. Ask yourself with these items, can you live without it? If you can, then it’s time to dispose of it.
  6. Accept you are starting a new chapter in your life with your new home, and your old items can either make someone else happy by giving them away or if your unsure, and the emotional attachment is too strong then it’s for storage.

It’s That Time

Now that you have packed your storage items, it’s time to find and decide on a storage company. Yes, there’s plenty of storage choices, but then you also have to make arrangements to transport your storage items. You can spend time handling these logistics or let someone else worry about it. That’s why there’s a cutting-edge storage service that can handle this for you. It’s called Clutter. How fitting right? They handle your storage items for you: pickup, storage, and retrieval. All you have to do is go their site get a quote, and get ready to have your “clutter” whisked away at your convenience! Don’t believe us?  Then check-out their countless positive reviews on Yelp.😊

We know the painstaking process of packing, going thru the junk, clutter, etc. Hopefully, you’ve found our tips helpful as well as our recommended storage solution. Now go get ready for a fresh start, and a new chapter in your life with your new home!

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